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Gaming on the go: How I game remotely and keep my firewall “Perfect Dark”

There are times when I must travel or even where I stay at my partner’s/friend’s place, but to be honest, I don’t sleep that much, so I like playing my videogames during night hours. However, I don’t always take my gaming computer with me (TBH looks fancy as it is, ignore my poor cable management abilities).  I remember the first security conference I participated in as a speaker. It was back in 2008. A friend of mine asked me to help him fill up a space with a topic I was doing at that time, “Port Knocking”. For those who are not that familiar with the term, Port Knocking is a stealth method to open ports that, by default, the firewall has closed . It works by having a daemon listening for connection attempts to certain closed firewall ports. When the correct sequence is received, the firewall opens the port for the specific IP address and a specific port to allow the connection. Obviously, Port Knocking must be used as a part of